• Freud to adventure in the forest, was an original woman caught a whole tribe composed of women as a kind of horse extract essence every day, a day to be sucked more than twenty times, after a few days that all of the women in the tribe was pregnant with his child, four months after their belly children lost without a reason, all those of the women in the tribe abortion why all blame himself in Freud, this is going to be sucked adult stem of Freud played a black and blue after losing to the outside of the tribe.Freud stood up and dragged himself, tired and weak, through the forest. A sow, a cow, a sheep, a dog, a monkey and a chimp came up to him.The mother runs up and beats Freud up, and the male comes up and beats him up. Freud was found dying by Jung in a helicopter. He was put in a helicopter and taken to the citys main hospital, where he survived.
  • 弗洛伊德在森林里去探险,被一个原始的女人抓了一整个由女人组成的部落,每天像种马一样提取精华素,一天要被吸二十多次,几天后那个部落里的所有女人都怀上了自己的孩子,四个月后她们的肚子里的孩子无缘无故地丢了,部落里所有流产的女人为什么都怪自己在弗洛伊德身上,这就要被弗洛伊德吸成人干打了个鼻青脸肿输到部落外去了。弗洛伊德站起来,疲惫而虚弱地拖着自己穿过森林。一只母猪、一头母牛、一只绵羊、一只狗、一只猴子和一只黑猩猩向他走来。母亲跑过来打弗洛伊德,而男性跑过来打他。荣格在直升机上发现弗洛伊德奄奄一息。他被放在一架直升飞机上,并被送往该市的主要医院,在那里他活了下来。


  • when you eat fish,you probably eat it off a plate,using a for筏贰摧荷诋沽搓泰掸骏k.……这是一章有关海洋生物的表述,求翻译
  • 当你吃鱼的时候,你应该是把它放盘子里,用叉子吃。


  • Although Seebeck observed thermoelectric phenomena in 1821 and Altenkirch defined the ZT equation in 1911, ittook several decades to develop the first functioning devices in the 1950s and1960s.4 They are now called the firstgeneration thermoelectrics with an average ZT of ~1.0, and devices madeof them can operate at ~4–6% conversion efficiency. Following several moredecades of stagnancy, new theoretical ideas relating to size effects on thethermoelectric properties in the 1990’s stimulated new experimental researchthat eventually led to significant advances in the following decade. Althoughthe theoretical ideas were originally about predictions on raising the powerfactor, the experimental breakthroughs were achieved by significantlydecreasing the (lattice) thermal conductivity.1,2,5–8 Among a wide variety of research approaches, one hasemerged, which has led to a near doubling of the ZT at high temperaturesand has defined the second generation of bulk thermoelectric materials with ZT in the range of 1.3–1.7.This approach uses nanoscale precipitates and compositional inhomogeneities todramatically suppress the lattice thermal conductivity.1,2,7,9,10 These second generation materials are expected toproduce power generation devices with conversion efficiencies of 11–15%.
  • 虽然观察到在1821和塞贝克热电现象阿尔滕基希1911定义的ZT值方程,花了几十年的发展在20世纪50年代和60年代第一功能的设备。4他们现在被称为第一热电材料的ZT~平均1,和设备用他们能在4–~转换效率为6%的操作。以下几个moredecades停滞,新的理论观点与尺寸的影响,在1990的热电性能的实验研究,最终刺激新LED在接下来的十年中显着的进步。虽然理论最初是在提高功率因数的预测,实验取得突破的significantlydecreasing(格)的热导率。1、2、–8之间的各种研究方法,一是,具有LED到近一倍的ZT和ZT在高了1.3–1.7.this范围法定义了热电材料的第二代使用纳米沉淀和成分不均匀性todramatically抑制晶格热导率。1,2,7,9,10这些第二代材料将生产发电设备11–15%转换效率。


  • Owing to the wide scope ofthermoelectricmaterials research, which covers theoretical investigations,materials design, materials processing, and device assembly, herein we onlyreview recent progress in enhancing the performance of bulk thermoelectric materialsusing state-of-the-art approaches. These include nanostructuring, all-scale hierarchicalarchitecturing, matrixprecipitate band alignment, and intra-matrix electronic structureengineering. The effort to integrate all of these mechanisms simultaneously andadditively, if not synergistically, into a single material is termed thepanoscopic approach.
  • 由于热电材料范围研究包含理论研究、材料设计、材料加工装置装配本文综述近通尖端技术批热电材料性能提升余下全文


  • 英语文章求翻译。
  • 太模糊了


  • Imagine you have a new product or a new service and you want the world to know about it. One way would be to write the advertisement onto ten or a hundred or a thousand pieces of paper and drop them from the sky over your town or city. Someone on the ground might pick one up and read it. Maybe two or three people. On the other hand the wind might blow them away. Now imagine doing the same thing but this time throwing them into the air with adverts for every other product or service in the world. You probably wouldn’t do it, would you? Well, unfortunately, that;s what it’s like to advertise on the Internet. Trying to make your product, service or website known to the rest of the Internet community can be very, very frustrating. Not only making it known, but getting visitors to actually visit the site can seem impossible. But there are ways to overcome the impossible when advertising on the Internet, as long as you follow three rules. So, rule number one, the first thing is to remember that people use search engines. So whenever someone types in a keyword linked to your business, your site needs to appear in the top 50 or so listings in all of the major search engines. Any lower and no one will ever find you. My second rule is that it’s a good idea to spend some useful time and effort on getting your links on other sites. This is an excellent, though very time-consuming way to increase visitors. You can do this by sharing links with other companies, so they have a link on your site and you put one on theirs. Or perhaps through a site review which recommends your products. Also remember that the more links you have elsewhere, the more likely people are to find you through a search engine. So those are my three starting points for anyone thinking of web advertising. Before we finish don’t forget that a memorable domain name that people can easily type will help. Email campaigns can work and are an easy way to get traffic to the site though it doesn’t la
  • 想象你有一个新的产品或一个新的服务,你想让世界知道它。一种方法是把广告写在成千上万张纸上,然后把它们从城市或城市上空飞过。地上的人可能会拿起一个,读它。可能是2或三个人。另一方面,风会吹走。 现在想象做同样的事情,但是这一次扔到空中的每一个其他的产品或服务在世界广告。你可能不会这样做,你会吗?好吧,很不幸的是,在互联网上做广告是什么样的。试图使您的产品,服务或网站被称为其他的互联网界可以是非常,非常令人沮丧。不仅使它出名,但要访问该网站的访问者似乎是不可能的。但有办法克服在互联网广告上的不可能,只要你遵循三条规则。所以,规则第一,第一件事就是要记住,人们使用搜索引擎。因此,每当有人类型的关键字链接到您的企业,您的网站需要出现在所有的主要搜索引擎的顶部50左右的列表中。任何较低的,没有人会找到你。我的另一个原则是,花一些有用的时间和精力去获取其他网站上的链接是个好主意。这是一个很好的,虽然非常耗时的方式增加游客。你可以通过与其他公司的链接来做到这一点,所以他们有一个链接在你的网站上,你把一个在他们的。或者通过一个网站评论推荐你的产品。还记得你在其他地方的更多链接,更可能的人是通过搜索引擎找到你。所以,这是我的三个起点,任何人都认为网络广告。在我们完成之前别忘了一个令人难忘的域名,人们可以很容易地类型将帮助。电子邮件活动可以工作,是一个简单的方法来获得流量的网站,但它不会持续很长时间。可能是更好的是有一个月的人们注册的通讯,我发现这是非常有效和更积极的发送垃圾邮件。然后有比赛的奖甫讥颠客郯九奠循订末品或任何自由,也许一些软件或凉爽的图形。一旦你有人访问该网站,要保持每天有多少人访问,有多少人返回到该网站的统计数据。换句话说,找出他们是谁。他们多大了。他们来自哪里。他们喜欢做什么,他们的空闲时间。例如你可以通过要求他们订阅你的通讯,以获得这种信息…


  • 这有英语很牛的人吗?求大神帮忙翻译一下英语文章,不要百度、有道翻译的。谢了。
  • 说到英语这个简直是本人的硬伤


  • Mobile phone has become a problem for middle schools. Some middle schools in Australia have banned(禁止) students from carrying mobile phones during school hours. Mobile phone use among children has become a problem for the school this year. Several children have got mobile phones as Christmas gifts, teachers said mobile phone use is a distraction (娱乐) to students during school hours and it also givesteachers so much trouble in their classrooms. Teachers were also saying that sometimes students might usephone messages (消息) to cheat during exams. She said some schools had tried to ban mobile phones. Some parents felt unhappy because they couldntget in touch with (与…联系) their children. Many teachers said students should not have mobile phones at school, but if there was a good reason,they could leave their phones at school office. They also said there were many reasons why the students should not have mobile phones at school: they were easy to lose and were a distraction from studies. Many people say that they understand why parents would want their children to have phones, but they think schools should let the students know when they can use their mobile phones.
  • 这么长?你不可能一点都不会吧?


  • 希望能在六一之前翻译完OTZOTZBBC与VO新闻广播特点的总结前言:听力是英语的重要一环,VOA、BBC新闻广播是英语听力教学的重要组成部分,熟习新闻词汇、了解英语新闻广播的特点、掌握新闻背景知识、熟习新闻广播的语音语调对听懂VOA、BBC新闻广播有重要意义。BBC是British Broadcasting Corporation的简称。该公司系英国政府广播电视机构,总部设在伦敦。1922年由马可尼公司等6家大无线电广播公司和电器制造公司联合组成,1926年原组织解散,同时成立“公营企业”的英国广播公司。该公司保持政治上的“独立,和商业上的“自由”,但政府可随时禁止其节日的播映或撤消其许可证,因此,BBC实际上是受英国政府控制的官方性组织。对外广播创办于1932年,每天都有大量的广播节目。除英语外,BBC目前还用38种语言进行对外广播,每周播音约700小时。问题补充: VOA是Voice of America的简称。VOA创建于1042年,总部设在美国首都华盛顿,它是美国国际交流署(the U.S. International Communication Agency)的对外广播机构,是美国对外宣传的重要要工具之一。其主要任务是利用庞大的无线电网在全世界范围内宣传美国的对外政策和美国的生活方式,
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