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  • At that moment, I think I can understand what he wants.He wants to protect. He won’t kill people just for the boring sense ofjustice although Magnussen is such a disgusting man who preys on others’secrets. Magnussen is not usual kind of Sherlock’s puzzle. The behavior he didis not just killing. He is sacrificing himself. For people he loves. AsMagnussensaid, the leverage is a circle. Sherlock is the most important link in it. Ok,each link in the circle is essential, but no one in this circle can do the samething as Sherlock did. It doesn’t mean others are cowardly or timid, they justhave something that cannot let them as free as Sherlock. Mycroft cannot leavebecause the British Security Services have to be commanded by him; Watsoncannot leave because he have a pregnant wife and of course, an unborn baby. Sherlockknows it clearly. That’s why he did it to kill Magnussen and become a murder. Theonly receivable value is the freedom of others in the circle.It is obviously that Watson is significant for Sherlock because theyare true friends. The friend in need is the friend indeed. He can do anythingto Watson same that Watson would like to desert several girlfriends for him. Sherlockknows the importance of Mrs. Watson for john, so he tries to get back theevidences about Mary from Magnussen. That’s why he asked Watson to get awayfrom him—“stay well back.” The last sentence he told john before he wasarrested is: “Tell her she’s safe now!” It’s a promise. The promise he made in th……余下全文


  • 要有中英对照 要有内容简述和自己感受 选择的电影一定是英语原声电影
  • 阿甘正传怎么样,很出名的电影Forrest Gump Film review Forrest Gump who is unfortunately to be born with a lower IQ and the muscle problem, usually, people always think this kind of person cant be successful in doing anything. But, instead, this unlucky man has achieved lots of incredible success, he is a football star, a war hero, and later a millionaire!Forrest Gump mould incarnation of virtue is honest keeping ones word , conscientiously , brave paying attention to emotioning among film. In the film, Forrest Gump is a very pure image, but Jenny has become the degenerate symbolTom · Hanks very much sincere naturally performance having among film. He has obtained the laurel of the best actor of Oscar for the behavior in this film. This second movie emperors money already whom he obtained in succession looks like. Success of Forrest Gump, make Tom Hanks become one of the most popular movie stars in Hollywood too. To Tom Hanks, those two years are the luckiest period of time in his performing art careers .阿甘是一个出生很不幸的人,通常人们总是认为这种人不能成功, 在做任何事情过程中。 但是,相反,这个不幸的人已经取得许多难以置信的成功,他是一个足球明星,一名战争英雄和一个百万富翁!阿甘在影片中被塑造成了美德的化身,诚实、守信、认真、勇敢而重视感情。在影片中,阿甘是十分纯洁的形象,而珍妮则成了堕落的象征。汤姆·汉克斯在影片中的表演十分朴实自然。他以在此片中的表现获得了奥斯卡最佳男主角的桂冠。这已是他连续获得的第二个影帝金像。《阿甘正传》的成功,也使汤姆·汉克斯成了好莱坞最受欢迎的影星之一。对汤姆·汉克斯来说,那两年是他演艺生涯中最为幸运的一段日子。


  • 求人,后天考试作文大概50词,影评,随便什么电影都行,注意是8年级,要都看得懂的
  • This was a fairly enjoyable animated film from DisneyPixar.theres some funny moments here and there.its touching without being too maudlin or sentimental.there certainly is a fair amount of action as well.the story is also good.there a few scenes of minor peril which might be a bit too much for younger children,and the movie fleetingly touches upon a sad topic.for the most part,i enjoyed the movie.i did think however,there were a few scenes that were probably intended to be funny,but came across flat and pointless in my mind.all in all,pretty good effort,just not as good as i hoped or thought it would be.


  • 《不二神探》或《泰囧》或《功夫熊猫》或《秦时明月》影评英语单词80左右
  • How are less than expected, such a strong line-up, and finally came out really such an effect. The most exciting part of the film, should be regarded as the "smiling death" event inside, three died the way ahead, and an aircraft killed, a diving, one is dancing in heaven, really, because we know that Michael Tse period of the past, that figure one out awesomeness, and Lu Mixue that period called the best, and which know spurt after this period, the film is like the surging river, went out of control of the mediocre.【应该超了,自己挑点吧,不二神探的,抱歉哈~望采纳】


  • 求英语原创作文,高一一般水平,从(马达加斯加,冰雪奇缘,肖生克的救赎,少年奇幻漂流记)中任选一个为题材,写影评,字数120左右
  • 我可以,但是现在我妈在,不敢玩手机。


  • 谁能提供篇介绍北京人特点的英语作文啊寻一篇介绍北
  • 英文影评_158.2002 提供一篇冰河世纪的英语作文,见附件。


  • 外教课要求写的赤焰战场2的#英文影评##red2#!!!要求如上图!!大概按这个结构写TTUTT不是也可以!中学英语水平就行!翻墙去外网找几篇改改也行!发邮箱shineejzx163.com好人一生平安感激不尽 事成赏金不是问题TTOTT不急 六天之内都行 谢谢了
  • 赤焰战场2的英文影评已上传,摘自国外网站。下载附件,用记事本打开即可查看,可适当删减。


  • 如题,求卑鄙的我2影评,160词,初中水平问题补充: 用英语写
  • 影片的故事很简单,坏人变好,再打败坏人解救了好人,非常简洁的一个童话故事。可爱搞笑的黄色胶囊机器人,清纯可人的屁孩小萝莉,频频制造的笑点密集,娱乐性十足,这95分钟的电影看下来,就象是做了一个开心的梦,意犹未尽。 然影片并非止步于此,从来到尾影片叙述的都还是一个关于成长的故事,片中的格鲁可以说是个有爱的坏人,从小缺少家庭温暖、得不到认同的他性格叛逆、封锁自我,立志以成为一个终极坏蛋来吸引别人的注意,三个小萝莉的适时闯入改变了他的生活,虽然《三个猫咪》的故事很天真,虽然坐过山车使他很害怕,虽然三个小萝莉的搞怪使他很头大,但正是与三个小萝莉的日夜相处使他渐渐敞开了心扉,从给予小女孩们的父爱而收获了成长的喜悦,揭开了他一直以来的心结,原来,这个坏奶爸,其实很有爱。 个人评价:A-好吧,是复制的、应该是可以的。


  • 本人刚大学毕业四个月,想自学英语,以前基础不错,不过大学都荒废了。有没有有经验的人给点建议,希望能专业点
  • 刚大学毕业,况且你以前的基础就不错,那就很好办了。O(∩_∩)O~每天坚持看一集美剧,结合中英文字幕反复看,反复学习坚持听一首英文歌,最好是可以跟着听写歌词,3遍大概就可以写全了每个周末看一部英文的电影 写一下影评之类的其实诀窍不多,贵在坚持,3个月后,应该可以听写VOA,BBC了。相信你,一定会成功的!




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